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Digital India

Earn up to 18% return per month

Get high returns on money invested in PayNearby distribution business.

No physical stock required. No expenditure in store space. No staff or physical transfer of goods. 

Make more money from your money.

Partnership Benefits

Earning with SCPL

Network Commission

Every time, retailers in your network does a transaction, you earn commission. Also, earn from ID sales when you onboard new retailers. 

Return on capital investment

Some banking businesses require retailers to maintain a wallet balance with PayNearby. Support your network with wallet balance and earn upto 18% per month on the money rotated.

Formula to earn more

It is easy to earn 40,000 to 60,000 every month with just 5-7 retailers in your network. You earn everytime a customer does a financial transaction on your retail network.

Benefits for your network

  • Recognition: Your retailer can become a one stop shop for all banking and digital services in their area
  • Market best commission: Retailers can earn more than Rs. 15,000 extra every month by just servicing one to two customers per day
  • Wide range of products & services: 25+ additional services can be offered from their shop to attract new customers
  • Work from anywhere: Retailers can operate their business with just laptop or mobile phone and can operate from home or shop
  • Rewards and Recognition: With PayNearby Rewards program, Retailer can earn upto 40% higher commission as volumes go up
  • Secure & safe platform: Provide services on one-of-the most secure platform – PCI DSS and ISO certified
  • A free PayNearby Shopping Card to help shop safely online

Empower your retailers and give them an opportunity to increase their income and subsequently increase your income too.

Empowered Distributors = Empowered Retailers = Happy Customers

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